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A Different Half Marathon

Most runs have water stations and bananas on hand for refueling.  The DC Half and Half Marathon challenges you to down a half smoke with chips at the midway point.  

After running 6.55 miles, you are greeted by our volunteers at Ben's Chili Bowl and given a basket of Ben's finest half smoke with chili, mustard and onions (vegetarian alternative available).  Show your clean basket to a volunteer and you can run the remaining 6.55 miles to the finish line!   

A Wild Ride Comes to an End. 

It's with a heartfelt thank you that we share that the DC Half and Half Marathon has crossed the finish line. Circumstances have made this run more and more difficult to pull off and we are so sorry to the community that we will no longer be hosting this fun event. 


Thanks to all our runners and supporters for making this a yearly fall tradition! We will miss this to come together, wear meat-themed clothing, run our hearts out and stuff our faces with the most delicious mid-run fuel on the planet! 


Over the past 10 years we have donated all proceeds to ScholarCHIPS and we hope that you can still support them. 


If you find yourself near Ben’s Chili Bowl, take a moment to pick up a half smoke and support them as well! By our calculations, they have donated over 1,500 half smokes to make this run a reality and we are super appreciative!   


Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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